Monday, November 1, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Adventure

Jacob's Darth Vader and my creative carving.
Have you ever had an idea invade your mind, take hold, and not let go?

I find it happening far too often. Once an idea grips me, I can't shake it. (Inception, anyone?)

Anyway, on Saturday evening I decided I didn't really want to give up my tradition of carving pumpkins. Don't get me wrong – I was actually prepared this year! I bought my pumpkins two weeks early, and they were beautiful. Round, plump, and flawless. They rolled around in my backseat for the whole time, just waiting to be carved into masterpieces. However, I thought I was brave enough to give them up. When we decided to do pumpkin carving at the Hallowe'en party for youth, I offered my two since I already had them, on the condition I could take them home and place them on my step.

Well, after the hoopla of the party and the huge breath of relief I took, I completely forgot to bring them home. I thought I'd get over it... until Saturday afternoon.

What? Go a Hallowe'en without carving pumpkins?? Unheard of! Carving one at the young adults' party we went to didn't suffice. We didn't take it home, so we had no proof of our labour.

It had to be done again.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get some while we were in Lethbridge. Thank goodness for a cell-phone and GPS! We looked up locations all over Lethbridge while parked by the side of the road in Fort Macleod. We fully intended to go back... until we found out nowhere in Lethbridge had any left. Fort Macleod was out. Pincher Creek was out. Claresholm didn't have any. In fact, Nobleford, High River, and Nanton didn't either. We called 16 places before finding out that Okotoks had some pumpkins left. "Quite a few", in fact. Perfect! We headed north.

I was little concerned, though. Why would I want to drive almost an hour one way just to get pumpkins if they ran out in the meantime? And what if they were closed by the time I got there?? And so Jacob, being the obliging husband he is, called and asked the customer service lady to put a couple aside for us. I had to beg, because, well, I didn't want to call again. And sound like a desperate fool. 

I dropped Jacob off at home so he could continue with some work at home before I sped into Okotoks. (Well, only a little speeding). I realized at 7:55 that they may close at 8 p.m. What then?? No matter, I was slated to make it there at 7:59... until I missed the exit. And the turn-around point. 

Thankfully, when I arrived at 8:06, they were still open. 

Walking up to the doors, however, I discovered they did indeed have "quite a few" pumpkins left. In fact, they had nine full-size boxes sitting outside the doors. Four feet tall and five feet across, they probably had 200 pumpkins, and the customer service lady had been kind enough to put two aside for me.

She probably thought I was little insane... especially since I drove that far for a $12 purchase.

I made it worth my time, though, and spent another few dollars at Starbucks. 

So how about it? Have you ever had an idea grip your mind and just not let go? How far would you go for your proverbial pumpkin?

(And let's not talk about the time I wanted whipped cream on my hot chocolate...)

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